Wednesday, December 9, 2015


This isn't "building" into a race war. Whatever the number of deaths, it *is* one. But nobody wants to address the issue until there are tanks and trenches. I repeat: "Why doesn't Obama f------ say something??" I mean it.

Without an answer, I can only assume the worst: that he's a wishy washy doormat who talked big but makes Uncle Tom look like Hercules.

He had chances...two of them. He was elected twice, laid on his back both times trying to play "bi partisan" with people who wanted to kill him, and GAVE THEM TIME. Now he says horseshit like "carry on". Meaningless Mad Ave. drivel.

Just address it. Just to show he's even thinking about it. He's letting my race DOWN, and it's worse every day. A president...unable to address a race war because he must "make compromises"? NO. I don't buy it.

Say something. Now. Even if it "solves" nothing, it means a lot. 

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