Saturday, December 12, 2015


Not much for me to add here. This modern day video tells the short story of the start and finish of Davies' short-lived studio in the 1930s, and its star, Steve the Horse..

The first of the series, and possibly the best. Spoilsports will whine about the crudeness, but this is quite good considering this is a film done practically solo by a first time, self taught animator (and without pencil tests) at a time when the art had still to be mastered.


Click image below to visit this YouTube channel with *all six* of Davies' films in this crude, bold venture!

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EOCostello said...

It would be interesting to know if the press baron Max, Lord Beaverbrook, had his fingers in this particular pie. The Daily Express in those days was a Beaverbrook paper. Sir David Low, who was then drawing editorial cartoons for the Evening Standard (the sister paper of the Daily Express, the high-brow one) experimented with editorial cartoons on radio. There's a bit about them in Low's Autobiography.