Sunday, December 1, 2013



Photos from the past.

1983 party for good ol' John Holmstrom's STOP! MAGAZINE, Photos by Godlis published in same. Hey, somebody wrote that caption for me.  I was literally starving at the time. Looks good on me, don't it?

Early '80s:
Painting the town blood red with the late John Spacely, popular East Side lowlife and subject of the cult documentary "Gringo/Portrait of a Junkie". (A
Troma release!)
Photo by Godlis.
And around the corner from Katz's Deli...
Circa 1988: Just one of the crowd of "sweaty, twitchy cartoonists" at a party/exhibition on Manhattan's Lower East Side. An annual event that I believe Max Fish is still celebrating!  Awards were given. I won for "Most Affable". The trophy: a veiny, disturbingly realistic mounted dildo.

Yours Truly at 1991's San Diego Comic Con (before its media deluge).   From then on, things were smooooth sailin'...for about five years.
From the blog of Mary Fleener.

The first page of a gift from Ralph Bakshi (from my period on COOL WORLD): a volume of Roy Crane's comic strip, Wash Tubbs.
Here's wishing you a Beautiful Past, MK

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