Friday, December 13, 2013


A huge inspiration to many cartoonists and illustrators, Roy Krenkel among them. The reasons are obvious.

I first encountered the Australian writer/illustrator/etcher/painter/cartoonist through a cheap edition of LYSISTRATA (from which these images are taken). Opinions on his opulent women (and men) differed during his time; he was prone to harassment by prudes, and in fact had a railroad car of his original art torched by them. No doubt, his women are erotically charged, but without pin-up streamlining. They are supple, strong forces of nature.

There are several online galleries devoted to Lindsay's work, and quite a few videos. Here's one. Enjoy!

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Nicholas John Pozega said...

It always makes me happy to discover some new great artist I've never heard of--and I bet there are a million of these kind of unheard of talents out there whose work, old or new, is waiting to be discovered and inspire future artists.

Keep posting this great stuff, Milton. You're doing a great service to the art community.

Milton Knight said...

Thanks, Nick.

Friends: For some reason, folks are more comfortable leaving their comments on my FB page, so I'm gonna start posting them here:

Clark Humphrey: Subject of the film "Sirens." Author of the 1938 novel "Age of Consent," turned into one of Helen Mirren's first films.

Milton Knight said...

From FB:

Richard Von Busack: Interesting movie, Age of Consent--it's Michael Powell's last film. Mirren is an odalisque in it. A lot of really bad regional acting in it. It was years before the Australian new wave.

Steven Ringgenberg: We're overdue for some new book collections of Lindsay's work. Most of them are out of print and hard to find.

Paul Buhle: thanks, Milt. Great discoveries!

Milton Knight said...

More comments left on FB:

Brian O'Connell: Some way ahead of his time stuff there.

Richard Greene: My friend and mentor Roy Krenkel worshiped Lindsay and emulated his work for a period.