Thursday, December 12, 2013



Favorite Record Covers...

...and there's more where this came from! (*groan...*)

In my early twenties, I was on a quest for good instrumental music. I didn't know what kind or what artists I was searching for. But I experimentally searched NY garage sales & flea markets. I was a weekly visitor of a rather skuzzy weekly one near Canal St., and another uptown with my girlfriend. But the pickings were ‘collectables’, slim and variable in price compared to what I found after moving to LA. LPs were plentiful and cheap as a quarter. Record Surplus, Santa Monica…Canterbury, Pasadena. The crowded, dusty bins were my first stop in thrift shops.

 Things have changed, and the shops have apparently held up on the good stuff to charge more money. No more “white spine” record covers for that little in LA. I should complain; I have more than I can handle now!!


Acoustically Yours, MK


Nicholas John Pozega said...

I really love what you're posting on this great blog Milton, and I hope you keep up to good work with it!

Milton Knight said...

Thanks, Nick!

Christopher Sobieniak said...

Good taste in records!