Friday, December 27, 2013


Two new cartoons on my YouTube channel:

THE HOT-CHA MELODY (1935): Krazy as Faust on Tin Pan Alley. Clever cartoon on plagiarism. Krazy stands on his own, then falls into the abyss. Click pic.
THE PEACE CONFERENCE (1935): As the world prayed for peace, the Mintz studio parodied it as an effeminate alternative to head bashing. Pre WWII satire of world politics. A curious mix of potent political imagery and typical cartoonery. Hitler is conspicuous by his absence, and Tony the fruit peddler stands in for Mussolini. Click pic.

Krazily Yours, MK

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Scout Paget said...

The Peace Conference - Seems to me, the message involves forcing harmony with the business end of a gun. In the end, even the brute Mars succumbs. All this leaves the one non-participant (Germany) out of the loop and isolated.

At the beginning, it shows the diplomats who are attempting to slice up the pie - The treaty of Versailles? The fighting on the globe depicts WWI soldiers - and they succumb to the harmony as well. It's behind closed doors that the real action takes place and, as you noted, Hilter - Germany - is not in the mix.

It appears to be a cynical view about the allies' joint/forced harmony. If you notice, Japan is not in the mix either.

Fascinating toon.