Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I made three guest appearances on radio in 2013!

Here are links to them:
On "The Geek Speak Show", THE STORIES BEHIND THE STORIES: Comics historian Mark Arnold talks to Milton Knight. From February 2013.

THE DAVID FELDMAN SHOW: These are comedy talk shows, and there's a lot to them; they each run about an hour & a half long. I'm in with the discussion in places, and, for once, talking about issues not cartoon-related!!

"Comedians Andy Kindler, Eddie Pepitone and Cartoonist Milton Knight. One of our best programs all season."

Another FELDMAN show: "From CHELSEA LATELY and the new E series THE SOUP INVESTIGATES comic Sara Tiana. We also give you a surprising update on the flooding in Colorado with Mark Thompson, what you won’t hear anywhere else. Also cartoonist Milton Knight and Will Ryan."

One listener's comments on this one: "I do agree with Milton Knight calling Tiana out on her having her cake and eating it too. You can’t claim that you want a relationship where you want to be “taken care of” and “treated like a lady” and all the trappings of traditionality while holding the trump card of “I don’t need you”/”I make more money than you”/”I can do everything by myself” like a Damocles sword over the man’s head and not expect the man, any man, to hold back a bit."

Airwavily Yours, MK.


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