Saturday, December 27, 2014


I can think of a few things my mother did right. One was to nag me into taking an interest in things besides cartoons. This has kept me curious, broadened my horizons, and has even helped my art! I meet so many cartoonists who haven't grown aesthetically since age 14. They are sad and boring.

The retouching book is, of course, way out of date, but has good graphics. Anyway, it was a buck.


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Andre The Toon Man said...

My folks encouraged me to read when I was a kid. And I was a voracious reader. Was always at my high school and college libraries. Even today, I continue to read a lot. I have a weakness for history books big time. Just finished Doris Kearns Goodwin's book on Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, "No Ordinary Time". Before that I read Ricky Riccardi's book on Louis Armstrong "What A Wonderful World: The Magic Of Louis Armstrong's Later Years"