Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hell is Other Artists...WHY?

I wrote the following as part of one of my lessons. I believe I put it as well as I can, and my student approved of my sharing it:

" seem straightforward and unselfish, but many artists aren’t. We get miserly with our compliments to others. It’s as if to offer one would wrench some vital organ from our own bodies, our own pride, even help advance another to the success we want for ourselves. It’s easier said than done, but realize how good you are (these are the equal to, or better than stuff I’ve seen in shows), and realize other artists are also just plain humans with as many problems as we have. It’s not imperative you have their approval, and pretty hopeless to try to extract it from them."

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The Song for today: "My Success", recorded by Bert Lown and his Orchestra in 1931.

And, I want to thank Don. Yowp for his generous links to my blog.

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James Robert Smith said...

Writers are the same way, apparently.